Your advantages as partner of the rtk International

You are your own boss

As a rtk International member, you remain your own boss. You do not give up your independence, but you have the benefit of the strong position from an important cooperation.

rtk International offers a professional support to your creative ideas. Your agency contracts remain valid and the collaboration with the tour operators does not change.

No financial risks

There are no annual fees for rtk International members.

There are only the expenses of affiliation to pay and you can benefit from the services offered by rtk International.

You earn more money

The important sales turnover of the rtk International cooperation makes the negotiation of special conditions and attractive commissions possible.

rtk International members benefit from advantages by tour operators, airlines, car rental- and travel insurance companies.

  • High substantive commissions
  • rtk International incentives, independent from turnover

What means for you: more money for the same work by a lot of tour operators - even if you don’t reach the sales turnover of the previous year.

You take part in the meetings

rtk International notices the opinion and the experience of its members.

Therefore we suggest you to be present at regional meetings as well as at the annual rtk congress.

You reduce your costs

Because of the common purchase of technical literature, computer equipment, office and maintenance software, computerized reservations systems, we can offer you favorable prices.

We negotiate special tariffs with telecommunication and insurance companies as well as with encashment and credit-card suppliers.

Thanks to these contracts you further reduce your costs.

We offer training courses for yourself and your employees

Every travel agency is only as good as its employees. We offer a complete and exclusive program of seminars.

The topics are directly bound to the daily work, for example sales and products trainings, CRS and Internet introduction, travel law and marketing, management and human resources.

All the courses are ensured by professional and experienced trainers and are partly financed by rtk International and its suppliers.

We offer the seminars for you and your collaborators so that you always will be well informed.

You create the image of your products yourself

Before discovering a place, we make us an idea, an impression.

rtk International leaves its members the freedom to choose the presentation of their products.

This is why rtk International gives its partners information on travelling and tour operators for many destinations.

It is up to them to judge the quality of the offer and then to suggest them and present them to the customers.

You answer all the requests of your customers

Some customers ask for products which you do not offer. No problem!

Thanks to our central reservations office, almost all of your customers' requests can be satisfied. We have agencies contracts with all the important tour operators and other service suppliers.

Together we sum up approximately 60 tour operators. You can reserve the products of these tour operators via your computerized reservations system or by telephone.

You can also make reservations for train and plane tickets as well as for car rentals.

You have a lead over your competitors

Our partner tour operators have trust in our selling strength. This is why we receive, before our competitors, a selection of special offers that we immediately offer to you.

So you can suggest to your customers (quicker than other agencies) very attractive travel offers.

You permanently have the best work conditions

We continually collect all data and facts about our tour operators and service suppliers.

We evaluate them and offer you each month precise statistics of the sales turnover. This allows you to have good base to help you in your strategic decisions.

As a partner on the same level as rtk International you can determine what you sell.

You receive all information online

Everyday, travel agencies are covered by lots of information.

We just give you the important information for your daily needs: information on rtk International, conditions, purchase forms, news, proposals of tour operators, dates for travel and seminars.

You decide about your marketing strategy

Selling travel products is not possible anymore without a precise knowledge and a good analysis of the market.

We help you with the use of different marketing instruments, for example advertising, mailings, and equipment of decoration or gift vouchers.

We also negotiate advertising subsidies with our tour operators. We only make suggestions. You decide if you want to take part in the action.

Personal support for our members

We make sure that all our members will be satisfied. We pay much importance to the personal support.

The co-workers responsible for your area are present for you and stay at your disposal.